100% Natural Solution to Get Rid of Kidney Stones Quickly and Without Pain

More and more people deal with pain on their right side or have a lazy digestion that causes bloating. The main cause of these inconveniences can be the so-called “stones” in the gall bladder.

There is a diet based on pre-training the body in order to facilitate kidney stones removal.

The diet is sustained by the intake of bitter salt water. This fluid is designed to dilate the common bile duct up to nearly 3 cm wide. Warm water is recommended, as the heat also helps dilatation.
Treatment lasts 6 days. You’ll get rid of kidney stones and implicitly surgical intervention. Here is what to do:

Drink 1 liter of apple juice a day for 6 days – drink it before meals or 2 hours after having them.

This week, cold meals or drinks are avoided. In order to dilate the bile ducts, warm food and beverages should be consumed (or at room temperature). Do not eat fried foods and avoid animal products as much as possible.
On the sixth day, no medication should be consumed. If a cold or a failing acute condition occur, postpone the treatment.
On the sixth day, any animal product – meat, milk, cheese, butter and anything fried is avoided.
Don’t eat after 14.00 – you can drink water for the rest of the day.
18:00 – Add about 20 grams of bitter salt (magnesium sulphate) in a glass of water. Bitter salt is a purgative and its main action is to dilate the bile ducts, preparing them for the kidney stones removal.

Bitter Salt/ Magnesium Sulfate

20:00 – Drink the second glass of bitter salt water (200 milliliters of water mixed with a spoonful of bitter salt).
21:30 – If you need to go to the toilet, go right away.
21:40 – Mix 100 milliliters of olive oil (about half a glass) with 100 milliliters of lemon juice (about half a glass). Juice needs to be as pure as possible, without pulp. Make 2 portions. Ideally, drink them at 22:00 and 22:20. If you feel the need to go to the toilet in this 20-minute interval, make an effort and don’t do it.
21:45 – Make cornmeal porridge (as solid as possible) from 2 pounds of corn meal and wrap it in a towel (cornmeal porridge should be hot). Apply the towel on the liver area (from the navel to the first rib – to the right, as close to the spine). Avoid direct skin contact.


Cornmeal Porridge

22:00 – Mix 100 ml olive oil with 100 ml lemon juice and drink the mixture. Make 2 portions. Drink it standing up in your feet. Drink it as fast as you can.


It’s an essential step in removing kidney stones. Lay down on the back with a pillow under your head.


Kidney stones will be removed without pain, because a lot of bile (which is oily) is secreted, and the bile ducts are kept widely dilated by magnesium in the bitter salt and by the heat emanated by the cornmeal porridge – that has a dilating role.
22:20 – Drink the second mixture of olive oil and lemon juice.
22:45 – The second homemade cornmeal porridge, wrapped in a towel, is applied to the liver area (from the navel to the first rib, to the right, close to spine).

The next morning, at 6.00, drink the third glass of bitter salt water.
At 8:00 in the morning, drink the fourth glass of bitter salt water.
At 10:00 in the morning, fruit or fruit juice can be consumed.
In the evening or the following day, you can return to regular food.

If you didn’t manage to remove all the kidney stones, resume treatment once a month. After 6-12 treatments, all the stones will be removed.