2-Step Treatment to Get Rid of Ingrown Pubic Hair

Bikini season is upon us, which means it’s time to bare everything. While it’s entirely possible to go too long without regular bikini area upkeep during the winter it’s a different story during the summer.

The more often you shave, like when you’re heading out to the pool, the more likely you are to get ingrown hairs. As unsightly as they are, it’s easy to keep them under control. Here is the most effective 2-step treatment to get rid of ingrown pubic hair:

1. Exfoliate

Ingrown hair is caused by dead skin cells which block the hair from penetrating to the surface. Dirt and oils on your skin surface can also block the hair hence leading to ingrown hair. You will easily open the pores after you make a habit of exfoliating your skin around the pubic region.

You can use exfoliating pads, synthetic sponges, loofahs, mild scrubs or shaving brushes to exfoliate the area. You can scrub the area gently so that you will get rid of all particles which may be blocking the skin hence making you develop the ingrown hair.

2. Warm compresses to soften the ingrown hairs

– Soak a clean washcloth in warm water.

– Press the washcloth against the ingrown area for three minutes to soften the hairs. This should bring the hairs to the surface of the skin.


– Using sterilized tweezers or a needle, gently work out the ingrown end of each hair one by one. Don’t pluck the hair out completely – just try to remove the embedded end.

– If you can’t easily treat a hair, don’t force it. Instead, soak your washcloth in warm water again and repeat the process.

– Wash the area with warm water and moisturizing soap.