5 Most Effective Remedies To Alleviate Stomach Pain Super Fast

Stomach pains are troublesome, especially when they won’t let you do your everyday work. The causes may be multiple, and you should see a doctor to prevent any other complication. But, until seeing a doctor you can alleviate stomach pains with the following tricks and natural remedies.

1. Drink a cup of ginger tea, mint or chamomile.
2. Lie in the bed and gently massage your tummy. You can put a hot towel on your belly too.
3. Don’t drink alcohol, milk, junk food, sodas and don’t smoke when you have stomach pain because the situation will get worse.
4. Put one tablet of activated charcoal in a glass of water because it absorbs the stomach acid.
Eat a slice of toasted bread. It can be a bit burnt. It an old remedy my grandmother used to give us every time “our tummy hurt”.

Image Credits: Shape