DIY Natural Serum To Tighten Sagging Neck

There are two proteins our skin needs to look smooth and tight, collagen and elastin. These are responsible for our healthy and youthful-looking skin. However, our skin does not always receive these proteins naturally from foods. Not to mention, there are external factors such as sun exposure or aging that cause these proteins to break down over time. Thus, that’s how our skin loses its elasticity and when that happens, we face something like sagging neck skin. Luckily, there great alternatives you use to give back to your skin its elasticity and natural smoothing look. Thus, you can prevent sagging neck skin with natural ingredients. Keep reading and see how to make a natural serum to tighten sagging neck skin.

The ingredients you will need for this natural serum are:

– 2 tablespoons of coconut oil
– 2 drops of witch hazel essential oil
– 1 tablespoon of cucumber juice
– 1 teaspoon of aloe vera gel
– 5-10 drops of grapeseed essential oil.

Even though all the ingredients are beneficial for tightening our skin, grapeseed oil is the best. Due to its rich fatty acids and vitamin E contents, it helps our skin to tighten.


Thus, all you need to do is mix all the ingredients into a dropper bottle for easier application. Before each use, shake the bottle to combine them well and apply a small amount on your neck. Use upward motions, start massaging gently until the serum gets into the skin. You do not need to rinse it off, use it as an overnight serum.