Easy and Effective Ways to Get Rid of Hiccups Instantly

There are few things more irritating than the hiccups. Well, being hit on the back doesn’t cure hiccups either, by the way. But we do have some suggestions that are far more likely to give yourself some relief.

In many situations, hiccups go away easily, once you managed to solve the problem that caused this reflex. Note that you don’t need medical treatment for hiccups (these cases are very rare).

How does hiccups occur?

Hiccup is an involuntary action that occurs when the diaphragm contracts suddenly and the respiratory circulation is blocked. This can happen at any age, even in babies.

Very spicy food can have a similar effect – it irritates the esophagus and can cause this annoying reflex.

Tips to get rid of hiccups

Inhale deeply and hold your breath for a while (about 10 seconds), then slowly exhale. Repeat this process several times. You can also try to blow in a paper bag – blow deeply in the paper bag and quickly inhale.

Drink water with small swallowing (preferably warm water) without breathing.
Lean forward a few times – this gently squeezes your chest.

Drink a few drops of vinegar and keep it in your mouth without swallowing.


Take some granulated sugar in your mouth and, after melting, swallow it.

Eat a slice of lemon.

Hold the tip of your tongue – grab it with your fingertips and pull it (it’s not the most effective method, but it’s definitely the funniest one that can make you forget about hiccups).