Easy Face Workout to Reduce Neck Fat and Double Chin

Double chin is unsightly and affects both women and men. Most of the times it is due to the fat deposits accumulated below the chin. Surprisingly, the predisposition to the double chin is inherited or acquired as a result of habits such as sleeping on high pillows or reading while lying down.

Here’s an exercise that will help you lose your double chin and will tone your jawline:

1. Lift your head slightly and push your chin forward. Stay in this position for ten seconds.

2. Lower your head slightly and return to starting position. Repeat the motion 20 times.

3. Move the chin to your chest to relax the muscles.

4. Repeat the first move by lifting the head and pushing the chin forward for ten seconds.

5. Repeat the moves mentioned in paragraph no.2, then relax the muscles.

Repeat this exercise daily and you will notice the first results in about two weeks. Watch the video below for detailed info: