Effective Socks Remedy To Get Rid Of Common Cold And Lower Fever

Remedies that our grandparents used to get rid of several diseases are better than any other medicine. Back in childhood, my grandmother “made me better” with natural remedies, which I still use on my children to get them rid of colds, pains, bloating, inflammation or fever.

Potatoes to lower fever or to get rid of colds
Cut them in slices or grate them. Put the slices on your soles and then put on a pair of warm socks so that the potato slices to stick to your feet. The same procedure is for used for grated potatoes.
Besides potatoes, you can also use apple cider vinegar. What you have to do is to pour some drops of apple cider vinegar over the grated potatoes and put the mixture in your socks then put the sock on to your feet. Cover with a blanket, and sit like this for a few hours. You’ll see how fever will drop slowly.

Corn flour and egg white
Prepare a mixture of corn flour and vinegar so you get a homogeneous mixture. Put the mixture on the swelling, put on a pair of socks then wrap your foot in a cotton towel.

You’ll need 2-4 lemons, squeeze them well and soak 2 cotton socks in the juice and put them on your feet. Cover with a blanket and lie in the bed for several hours. Slowly the fever will drop. The socks must be changed when they get dry. The next day fever symptoms will disappear, and you’ll feel much better.


Image Credits: Trendingposts and Maxhomeremedies