Fast and Natural Ways to Get Rid of Lie Bumps on Tongue

One of the lesser known but extremely common health concerns is the lie bumps on the tongue. Not many people are well aware of what are these lie bumps or what causes these bumps on the tongue. There is no need to concern, because it is often a harmless symptom.

There are no specific causes for the development of lie bumps. However, based on symptoms and various case studies, the potential causes of lie bumps include:

– Gastrointestinal disorders
– Sugary drinks and foods
– Acidic fruits and drinks
– Indigestion
– Allergy to certain foods
– Vitamin deficiency
– Smoking Injury to the tongue due to cutting or scratching of the fungiform papillae
– Stress

You can treat these bumps naturally. Here are the most effective ways to get rid of lie bumps on tongue:

– apply baking soda paste to affected areas.

– avoid too fatty or too salty foods;

– follow an appropriate oral hygiene by washing the tongue every time you’re washing your teeth;


– do salt water gargles 2-3 minutes a day to remove the infection;

– use mouthwash every day;

– chew mint leaves before going to bed;

The condition, although not serious, can cause trouble and discomfort and may be a sign that you need a stricter oral hygiene and a low-fat diet.