Highly Effective Tea To Get Rid Of Bloating

With bad indigestion, bloating happens almost instantly. It creates a disturbing discomfort and might be embarrassing to endure in public. Usually uncomfortable in more ways than one, bloating is quite harmless but persistent. And we don’t need that in the long term, it is simply a symptom you could take care of with natural ingredients. Considering the fact that there are many possible causes, you can’t just treat it with anything. Hence, these natural ingredients are perfect to help give you the relief you need. Keep reading and find out how to DIY this simple and effective tea to get rid of indigestion bloating.

The ingredients you will need for this homemade solution to fight off bloating are:

– 1 fresh ginger root
– 1 bag of herbal peppermint tea
– a cup of boiling water
– 2 teaspoons of raw honey
– 1 teaspoon of lemon juice

While many will go straight for the chamomile, I find peppermint tea to be more effective. Chamomile tea will definitely help with gas caused by a heartburn. However, the peppermint tea is more suited for soothing churning stomachs. Thus, it is perfect for easing gas pains from indigestion due to menthol contents. Hence, it will have an antispasmodic effect helping to smoothen the digestive tract muscles. The peppermint will also soothe your nerves to relief any stomach stiffness. In addition, the ginger root will also relax your intestinal tract but it will specifically ease any inflammation. So, it will prevent the formation of excess gas and it will help expel it.


Let’s make this delicious tea:

Boil a 1 cup of water and add the herbal peppermint tea bag to make your tea. Then, cut the ginger root in slices and start grating them in a large mug. Pour the peppermint tea over the ginger root in the mug. Next, add the raw honey and the lemon juice and allow the mixture to steep for 20 minutes. Now you can drink this cup before or after a meal or every time you will bloat.