Honey And Cloves Remedy To Get Rid Of A Toothache And Sore Throat

Honey isn’t just delicious only, but it has extraordinary health properties. It has antibacterial effect and soothes pain if you just know how to prepare it!

Honey for sore throat and toothaches
Mix honey and cloves and you’ll get a real medicine.
You will need: a cup of honey and 5-10 cloves. Pour the honey in a pot, add the cloves and let them simmer for 10 minutes. Let the resulting mixture to cool for 2 hours then store it in a glass container. Take 3 teaspoons per day for 2 weeks.

You can add it to your tea when you have sore throats or toothaches, or you can apply the paste to the aching tooth. Cloves contain a substance that has an anesthetic effect. Besides, these spices were used by dentists before the pain killers appeared.

Honey for cold
If you’re cold, you don’t run to the pharmacy, because the best medicine might be in the kitchen. Lemon mixed with honey is one of the most effective remedies. You need a cup of honey, a spoonful of lemon zest and two lemon slices. Add the ingredients to a pot and leave them to simmer for 10 minutes. Let the composition to cool for 2 hours then store it in a glass container. You can consume it for two weeks to get rid of cold or cough. Add it to your tea or fresh lemon juice.


Image Credits: Makeyourlifehealthier