How To Get Rid Of A Stye Overnight In Adults And Children

A stye is very painful and unsightly, not to mention that your eyelids will swollen and you won’t be able to see for a few days, if you don’t treat it immediately. Immediately meaning overnight, and the secret lies in natural remedies!

A stye is an infection of eyelashes sebaceous glands, and, although in most cases the infection is not serious and passes quite quickly with a local antibiotic, there are tricks and natural remedies to get rid of it quickly.

Salt water
Boil one liter of water with 2 teaspoons of salt. Allow to cool a little and soak a clean towel or a cotton pad in the salty water. Dab gently the stye by soaking always in warm water. Repeat this procedure for 20 minutes in the evening and the next morning. You’ll see how the stye will disappear slowly.

Whole milk
Heat a whole-fat milk cup and soak a cotton pad in it then dab the affected area with this “solution”. The milk has to be warm. Repeat this procedure for 20 minutes then rinse gently with warm water.
Be careful that the milk and salty water not to get into your eyes, and your hands have to be clean.


Image Credits: Vicinito