How To Kill Intestinal Parasites With Only 4 Ingredients

We are at risk of contacting parasitoids at any time due to food or drinks we consume. We can deal with all sorts of health problems because of them, which is why parasites must be removed quickly.

Parasites are organisms that live on or inside other organisms and “steal” nutrients from these organisms. Our body is full of them, but the most problematic are those that reach the stomach and intestines. Such organisms can cause skin irritation, bowel problems, fatigue, insomnia or pain. Another danger that we face when we have such parasites in our body is the toxin release (toxins that get into the blood, causing a lot of problems). Furthermore, they multiply very easy because most of them lay eggs, so that can hardly be eliminated.

How to get rid of intestinal parasites?

A particular product can get rid of these annoying parasites. It’s a mixture of honey, wormwood, cloves and nutshell extract.


– 2 tablespoons of honey

– American nutshell extract (the top layer that protects the core and which can be obtained when the nut is picked directly from the tree. Caution! The crust must be blackened. If it’s green it doesn’t work).

– 200 milligrams of wormwood

– 500 milligrams of crushed cloves

How to prepare:

Dissolve the black walnut shell extract in 500 g of boiling water and mix it with wormwood and clove.

How this recipe works:

This tea does wonders for our body, banishing any intestinal parasites due to its ingredients. One of the most important roles is played by the sesquiterpene lactones (substance present in wormwood, and which is designed to kill parasites). The parasites protective membranes are destroyed by this element.


The walnut shell is excellent for removing parasites because it stimulates digestion through which parasites are eliminated.

But the two substances can’t remove parasites eggs. This is where the cloves step in. Cloves contain plenty of oils able to dissolve parasites eggs.