How to Manage Your Oily Skin and Fight Acne

Most of the time, you may have some troubles with your skin because it becomes oily very easily. It is likely that some people will get self conscious when they are talking with others because their skin is too shiny because of the excess oil. If you are wondering how you may have acquired the condition, you would have to thank your ancestors for that. This trait is passed down from generation to generation.

Get an oil-free, healthy glow with these real-girl tips. Here are the best 10 advices received from our readers to get rid of oily skin once and for all!

1. “If I’m out and need to de-shine, I grab a toilet seat cover (unused!) from a public bathroom and use it like an oil-absorbing sheet. It works and it’s free!”

2. “Once a week, I mix the juice from an orange and some egg yolk and put it on my face for about 10 minutes. It sounds disgusting, but it totally works!”

3. “I mix baking soda and water and leave it on my skin for 10 minutes, then I rinse it and put witch hazel on. It makes my skin smooth and oil-free!”

4. “My mom taught me to put rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball and rub that on your face. It grabs oil and leaves your face shine-free — it works every time!”

5. “Rub a drier sheet over your face right after getting out of the shower!”

6. “I use a light, gentle moisturizer every night. Keeping your skin hydrated (and clean) keeps your pores from producing oil.”


7. “Clean & Clear oil-blotting sheets don’t clog pores, and after a couple of blots your skin goes from shiny to a healthy, smooth glow. Plus, a 50-sheet pack can fit anywhere, even the tiniest of purses!”

8. “Caress Body Soap dries up my skin a bit, and leaves my face not shiny or oily at all!”

9. “Make a mask from eggs and sugar. It’s great for everyone!”

10. “Wear face moisturizer with a sheer powder on top of that. It keeps your skin shine-free for up to 10 hours!”

Hope they work for you too! If you find these tips useful, don’t forget to share this article with your followers!