How To Properly Clean Your Face Before Bedtime

If you’re a busy person, you may not have much time for yourself, but you must always be careful to your well-being and physical appearance. Even if you go to sleep late, you should always clean your face in a way that helps you protect your skin.

Don’t rush!

Take 15 minutes of your time to clean your face. If you follow a certain routine, you’ll surely notice a positive change.

Clean your face properly

A proper facial cleaning allows your skin to breathe, which helps cells regenerate and removes impurities.

Try not to use soap

Often, instead of cleansing your skin, soap does nothing just to dry it. If you want to use soap to clean your face, it’s best to establish which is the most suitable option for you along with your dermatologist.

Never skip exfoliating

You must exfoliate your face at least once a week. To do this, we recommend either using natural products or those belonging to certain brands specialized in producing these type of scrubs.

Rinse your face with warm water

It is best to rinse your face with warm water, because this temperature helps eliminate toxins inside the skin. Gently massage your face with warm water (not to damage the skin).


Keep a towel handy

It’s a good idea to always have a towel handy, especially one soft and pleasant to the touch. It will not affect your facial skin, which is very important since it is the most sensitive skin of the whole body.