How to Stop Baby Hiccups Right Away

Hiccup is an extremely annoying reflex, especially for the little ones. Here are some simple and useful steps to help your baby get rid of the hiccups.

First of all, it is very important to chew the food properly. Teach your baby how to chew properly from the first moment he starts eating solid food. When we take large swallows, we risk blocking the diaphragm and hiccups may occur.

Breastfeeding – If your baby has an irritated neck, try to give him some breast milk – do this slowly, to soothe the diaphragm.

Something to eat – make apple sauce or banana puree and give it to your baby – these foods will soothe the hiccups.

Stand up – try to keep your baby standing, lifted, or, if it is too small, keep it in straight position for 30 seconds.

Distraction – play with your little one, make him laugh or smile, read a story, or sing – anything – to help him not focus on hiccups.

Massage – gently massage your baby on the back to relax his muscles.