How To Treat Sciatica And Lumbago

According to some theories, these kinds of sufferings arise from unresolved emotional problems.
More and more patients experience spine pain and lack of mobility. These problems have two very similar causes: long periods of tension and chair sitting. In this article you can read more information about how to treat sciatica and lumbago.

What is sciatica?

Sciatic nerve irritation, best known as sciatica, causes pain in the lower back. The pain spreads from the back to the legs and can reach up to fingers.

Low back pain (lumbago)

Many people suffered from lower back pain. Located in the torso area, ie the meeting point of the ribs and buttocks, this pain is known as lumbago.

This pain affects people between 20 and 45 years and intensifies with age. The spine is made up of several bones (vertebrae) separated by cartilage discs that amortize movements. The vertebrae are covered with a thin cartilage layer and are stabilized by muscles and ligaments.

How to treat sciatica and lumbago?

According to traditional Chinese medicine, back pain and sciatica are related to kidney and gall bladder and associated with excessive consumption of meat, spices and alcohol. There are theories that claim that lumbago pains are a somatization of unresolved emotional problems, such as job loss, divorce, abandonment, poverty, etc.

Besides establishing the back and legs cause, it’s good to know some treatments and remedies. The most natural and most effective are:


Pour almond oil in a container and mix it with arnica and rosemary extract, in equal quantities. The massage is done from the top of the feet to soles. The body will warm up and relax. To increase its effect, continue massaging the whole body, insisting on the shoulders and neck.



If the pain is caused by emotional problems, consult a psychotherapist. The pain will improve once the patient gets relieved by talking about his problems, trauma or fear.


Certain types of disciplines and exercises as yoga, tai chi, swimming, pilates or aqua gym can relieve pain. It is always advisable to practice until you get tired, without forcing too much. Remember to warm up and do stretching before.

Live an active life

Try to avoid sleeping too much or sitting too many hours in the same position. When you’re at work, for example, stand up from time to time and take a short walk.