How To Treat Warts, Breast Lumps, Polyps And Severe Skin Diseases With Thuja Tincture

Unjustly ignored, Thuja tree has extraordinary therapeutic properties. Note, however, Thuja tree can be considered a partial “poisonous” plant because it contains an active substance that gives its specific odor (thujone). Administered in large doses, this substance produces digestive and metabolism disorders.

Skin diseases

Thuja tincture is an excellent remedy for external use, especially for skin diseases. Pour 1 liter of 60% Alcohol over 200 g of Thuja leaves. Keep the container tightly closed, leave it in a warm place for 10 days and shake it daily. After the 10 days, filter the liquid and pour it in dark bottles.


Thuja tincture is very good for warts. Dip a swab in this solution and fix it on the wart with a plaster. Keep it 24 hours then change the buffer. Follow this treatment for 2 weeks.

Breast lumps

Thuja tincture is an excellent remedy for breast lumps, too. Apply a compress soaked in tincture on the affected
area every 2 days. Leave it to act for 2 hours and let the skin air dry, and don’t rinse it.