How To Treat Your Wounds In Order To Avoid Scarring

Few people are so lucky to have no scars on their skin. Often, due to poor care of wounds, the healing process takes longer, it’s more difficult, and we’re facing visible and unsightly scarring on the skin.

It’s important to know that the healing process varies from person to person and wounds heal differently. We can’t prevent scars often, as they are the result of the normal healing process of the skin. It all depends on your skin type and the wound’s magnitude and depth.
But we can do some tricks so any scar to be more aesthetic and therefore less visible. If the wound is extremely serious, go to a medical center. An immediate action is essential to prevent an infection development in the wound.

If the wound becomes infected, those scars can be uglier. So, take a look at the tips outlined in this article to learn how to effectively care a wound in order to prevent scars.

– Cleaning the wound is essential. Once you put a clean towel on it and you stopped the bleeding, clean the wound. Make sure that your hands are clean and use a disinfectant specifically designed for these situations (can be found in any pharmacy). If you don’t have any disinfectant, you can prepare your own one, using water and a mild soap. Never use alcohol to clean a wound.

– Dry the wound with a dry bandage, gently pressing on it. Don’t use cotton wool because it will leave bits behind that will stick to the wound and will delay the healing process.

– Don’t expose the wound to sunlight while it heals. Cover the wound with a bandage fastened neither too tight, nor too loose. The goal is to protect your wound from possible infections occurring in direct contact with the environment. Change the bandage every day. Change it when it gets wet, too.

– It’s good to gently rub with circular movements the area around the wound to stimulate circulation. This will allow beneficial substances reach the area, accelerating the healing process.

– When a crust is formed, don’t remove it. This could lead to the formation of a more prominent scar. Therefore, leave the crust fall herself.

– Rosehip oil is very helpful in the healing process. Apply it on the wound every day. Be constant, if you want to get results.

– You can find in pharmacies a wide range of healing creams that could be of great help.

– Diet plays an important role in wound healing. A poor diet will not provide necessary nutrients for the healing process.

Remember, these recommendations are useful only in case of minor injuries. If you have a deep or severe wound, or if you can’t stop the bleeding in a few minutes, hurry to get to a medical facility.