Pain-Free Remedy To Get Rid Of Kidney Stones At Home

Kidney stones are a very common and very painful disorder. They may not have symptoms until they move around your kidney or pass through your ureter. And then the pain installs because the stone will be eliminated. To prevent this you have to adopt a diet rich in vitamin C such as lemons or other citruses, because they contain chemicals that prevent the appearance of kidney stones.

Natural treatment to get rid of kidney stones

If you face with kidney stones or want to prevent them, try this simple remedy, which you can prepare at home.
You need: 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and 2 drops of essential lemon oil. Mix the ingredients and drink the liquid. Immediately after swallowing this cure, drink a glass of water and hydrate very well all day. Try to do this treatment three times a day. If you have severe pain, apply 2 drops of essential lemon oil to the affected area and you will feel better.

Keep in mind, however, that any treatment should be approved by your doctor. Don’t hesitate to ask for a medical advice if you suspect having kidney stones.


Image Credits: Diet.Lovetoknow