Super Easy and Fast Way to Remove Split Ends at Home

What causes split ends? How can we get rid of them? How do we prevent hair breakage?
We have some quick and effective tips for a healthy and shiny hair, plus a super easy and fast way to remove split ends at home! Here we go!

Split ends are a sign that the hair does not get enough nutrients – which makes it fragile and dry. Here are the main causes of split ends:

– the use of flat iron on a regular basis;

– chemical treatments such as discoloration, dyeing etc.

– inappropriate techniques in using hair detanglers;

– the use of a scratchy towels;

– inappropriate hair products with hair-destroying ingredients;

– prolonged sun exposure without protection.

Here is the best method to get rid of split ends at home:

You need:

scissors – good sharp high quality scissors
chopstick – a chopstick or use your fingers


Note: Make sure your hair is clean without any styling products in it.


– Make sure your hair is combed straight down without any snarls.
– Take a one inch section of your hair.
– Wrap it around your index finger or chopstick as tight but gentle as you can.
– Cut all the stray hairs that are sticking out half an inch.

Unwrap it and feel the difference!

This method will also freshen all your ends on your hair, making you feel like you just had a hair stylist give you a fresh cut! This will also bring back some life into your hair with less fly aways!

Credits: Elegance and Beauty Reviews