The Hidden Meaning That Lies Behind The Color Of Your Eyes

Do you know what interesting secrets hide the color of your eyes? Iridology is a discipline that focuses on the study of the eye iris, through which certain specialists can determine how susceptible we are to certain medical conditions, relying solely on the color of our eyes.

Blue Eyes: Pose high intellect, devotion to noble causes, sincerity, self-sufficiency, and are sentimental. People with blue eyes get easily bogged down by routine, often hold grudges, are moody, but have great stamina, and generally have a bright and happy nature.

Brown Eyes: Outgoing, vivacious, and affable. People with brown eyes are often individualists who are steadfast, serious, practical, self sufficient, with a somewhat retiring nature, and a strong sense of commitment. Often attractive, adorable, and enjoys making new friends. Kind, loyal and devoted to the special people in their lives, likes to cheer people up, and known as the best kissers of all.

Green Eyes: Have an air of mystery and a quiet self-sufficiency. People with green eyes are often unpredictable, yet slow to anger. They often have unlimited patience, capable of great emotional restraint. They are original, creative, highly intelligent, intellectual, and can easily employ serious concentration even in highly distracting environments. People with green eyes love freedom, project sex appeal, and perform well under great pressure. They tend to be the happiest of all the different eye colors. Passionate and tending towards long-term relationships both romantic and platonic, they are generally attractive and sensual.

Black Eyes: Have a dynamic character full of vitality, people with black eyes tend to be hot-tempered, impulsive and often seek dangerous adventures. They command respect, exhibit great dignity, but they are often pretentious, secretive and mysterious.


Hazel Eyes: Determined, imaginative, loves adventure and trying new things, often has a boundless inner vitality. People with hazel eyes are often risk takers yet profound thinkers, courageous in the face of adversity, aware of their own limitations, responsible, but often have a serious selfish streak.
Violet Eyes: Highly imaginative and creative, possess lots of self-esteem, and they are often perfectionists with high ideals. People with violet eyes generally have lots of charisma.

Gray Eyes: People with gray eyes are thought to be conformists, quiet and self-effacing, but usually patient in waiting for self-opportunities, as well as calculating and deceptive. People with gray eyes tend to be courageous, but obstinate. They are uncertain in affection.

Image Credits: Lasikofnv