The Most Effective Methods to Get Rid of Head Lice

Although not a condition that endangers the child’s life, head lice infestation should be taken seriously into consideration. Although there are some products that promise miraculous results, things do not work so easily in reality. Today you’ll learn how to get rid of lice, what works and what does not.

Itching is the most common symptom of lice infestation and is caused by an allergic reaction to the insect saliva that bites the skin to feed.

The itching may not occur immediately after lice infestation – it may take weeks or even months until the unbearable itching occurs.

What remedies work and which don’t?

Olive oil

Some say that the lice suffocate and die when in contact with olive oil. For best results, apply the oil to the hair before bed and let it act overnight by covering your hair with a shower cap. Olive oil also helps remove lice eggs on the hair.

Hair dryer

If you dry the hair using the hot air jet lice eggs will die. Scientific method is not really proven, but there is a study according to which 98% of lice eggs and 55% of lice die in contact with hot air.


You can’t get rid of lice if you dive into the tub or even pool- lice survive in the water for hours and are not affected by chlorine in the pool water.

Hair gel / hair dye

Some say that hair gel or other hairstyling products suffocate the lice, but there is no study to prove it. Ammonia in hair dyes doesn’t do wonders, as many women who rush to the hairdresser hoping to burn the “enemies” think.

Petrol-based lotions

Although it doesn’t kill the lice eggs, these lotions are effective in removing lice. Almost 80% of those who used such lotions managed to get rid of lice after the second use of the product. Once applied, let the lotion act for 10 minutes.


It would work, they say, on the same principle with olive oil. Fat in mayonnaise would suffocate the lice. However, there is no sufficient evidence that this would be an effective remedy.

Dishwashing soap

Dishwashing soap doesn’t kill the lice! It helps degreasing the hair burdened by mayonnaise, olive oil and styling products that desperate mothers apply on children’s hair in order to remove lice.



Some mothers say that vinegar dissolves the glue that the lice female uses to lay its eggs and stick them to the hair. The acetic acid in vinegar doesn’t kill the lice, but it is useful when using those special lice removal hair combs.

Oregano oil

Natural medicine adherents swear that oregano oil helps get rid of lice. This is a very good antioxidant, which has outstanding antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory effect. Oregano oil prevents infection and quickly recovers irritated skin by lice saliva.

All treatment attempts are doomed to failure in the absence of rigorous hygiene – if your child has lice, most likely the whole family is infested – all sheets, towels, hats, and clothing items should be washed daily at high temperature and ironed, because lice can survive at least one single round inside the washing machine.

Once removed off the hair, lice eggs must be crushed because they can survive up to three days on pillows or clothing items and they can be carried back on the hair.

Lice reinfection is higher among little girls who have long hair and can “borrow” lice faster from other children they come into contact.

Image Credits: Youtube