The Perfect Rejuvenating Body Scrub For Sensitive Skin

Having sensitive skin really takes a toll on different things. Especially when it comes to body care and products to use. I purposely avoid the commercial ones because I can’t take such a huge risk when my skin is already highly sensitive. Furthermore, I always wanted to try a homemade body scrub that is more suited for my skin type. Most of the recipes on the Internet are really rough and feeling highly exfoliating. Thus, these scrubs end up damaging my skin and being too painful. However, I came across a simple and quick recipe that is perfect for any sensitive skin. Thus, if you are looking for a smoother body scrub that will rejuvenate your sensitive skin, keep on reading and check out the recipe!

The ingredients you will need to prepare this are:

– 1 cup of raw almond pulp (This is a great opportunity to use up the leftover pulp from the homemade almond milk.)
– 2 tablespoons of sweet almond oil
– 8 drops of lavender essential oil

Thus, to make this body scrub, all you need is to mix in a small bowl the almond pulp and the sweet almond oil. Mix these two very well. While stirring begin adding the lavender essential oil too. Mix again until you get the creamy consistency you desire. Store it in a glass container.


To use this, simply massage it onto your body in the shower or in the bath, without pressing too hard. It will give an amazing almond glow to your body. Personally, this mixture is the softest and rejuvenating body scrub which does wonders for sensitive skin.