The Secret Ingredient To Get Rid Of Joint Pain Forever

The remedies nature gives us may be the best and definitely most effective to get rid of certain affections. And the following wonder-recipe is perfect for those suffering of joint pain, especially in the wrist area.

This is a solution based on apple cider vinegar, and the effect was visible after just two months of treatment. A person experiencing serious pains at the wrists has found an effective remedy to get rid of this problem.

“A few years ago I was facing with a terrible pain at the wrists. I went to the doctor and told me I suffered from arthritis, probably because I was working too hard and my diet was chaotic. I’m against painkillers, so I tried to find a natural remedy first. Even my doctor recommended apple cider vinegar, which I have been using it for two months, and I feel much better now.

The treatment was applied in the first month three times a week, and in the second month, twice a week.

“I was soaking my hands in apple cider vinegar in the evening before bedtime, and the pain disappeared slowly. Before applying apple cider vinegar, I used to drink a “potion” made of these three ingredients: apple vinegar, water and honey. I recommend it because its effect is astounding.”

Here are three ways to use apple vinegar for joint problems!

During baths
Mix 6 glasses of water with a glass of apple cider vinegar and keep your feet and hands in solution. You can also put compresses with this solution on painful areas.

Detox potion
Apple vinegar solution can be very effective if you want to remove toxins from the body: mix three tablespoons of apple vinegar in 300 milliliters of water or fruit juice and drink the “potion” three times a day before meals.


You can massage painful areas with apple vinegar solution. Mix two tablespoons of apple vinegar with a spoonful of olive oil and apply the mixture to the painful joints. Repeat treatment whenever you feel the need.

Image Credits: Thehealthsite and Healthyfoodhouse