Top 7 Foods To Eat To Get Rid Of Diarrhea

Diarrhea affects many of us, and if it’s not a severe diarrhea, then you can eat certain foods to get rid of it quickly. Below you have a list of foods that are great in getting rid of diarrhea.

Rice is one of the best foods when you have diarrhea, because it digests very easily and has a sealing effect that is vital in diarrhea cases. Wild and brown rice, however, have too many fibers and can aggravate the symptoms of an intestinal infection.

Boiled carrots
Carrots are very gentle with the stomach and bring extra pectin in the body that helps to heal after a chemical and infectious imbalance.

Although they are sweet fruits, bananas have “coagulation” properties and are easy to digest even after a severe episode of diarrhea.

They pass easily and quickly through the intestine without causing gas and are rich in potassium, a mineral that is often lost in diarrhea cases or vomiting.

Apple paste
Another surprising food that helps the body to recover after diarrhea is a paste of apple pulp, without sugar or additives. The apple peel is hard to digest, so you should remove it.

Boiled potatoes
Potato starch brings back a great balance in the stomach and intestine after an episode of diarrhea, but butter, parsley or other ingredients should not be added in the mashed potatoes because they can aggravate the symptoms.


Toasted bread soothes the stomach and adds volume and consistency to the stool, making it less fluid. In addition, the large number of carbohydrates obtained from such a digestible source, helps you to recover and have energy after a few days of struggle and electrolyte imbalance.

If you have diarrhea because of antibiotics taken without probiotics or prebiotics, you need yogurt to repair the microbial flora of the intestines.

Antibiotics reduce the number of good bacteria in the intestines, which are designed to maintain balance in that area of the body. If you have a few good bacteria, you can suffer from diarrhea and yogurt brings back these essential bacteria to your body.

Image Credits: Youtube