What Diseases Can Be Cured With Seawater

Thalassotherapy that includes application of all elements related to sea (like water, sun, mud, sea breeze) has multiple benefits for the skin, sterilizes and heals scar, improves blood circulation and reduces joint inflammation, it’s highly effective in preventing and treating respiratory diseases, rhinitis, sinusitis and even asthma, especially for the little ones.

Seawater treatments

Candida – it heals very quickly, if vaginal washings (in women) with seawater are applied two to three times a day. Seawater is rich in iodine, salt, and other substances with antifungal effect.

Acne – will back off after bathing in the sea and after repeated sun exposure (if hygiene is well respected, too). Seawater has endocrine regulatory effects, helping to eliminate the disease. Seawater has anti-inflammatory effect and, combined with sand, cleans the skin and unclogs the pores, regulating sebum secretion.

Pityriasis, psoriasis and dry eczema: seawater cure will result in the disappearance of itching, blisters will dry and signboards will be removed – elements that characterize this disease.

Allergy skin – improves during seawater cure, primarily due to water and marine aerosols, which have immunosuppressive effect and reduce the intensity of allergic reactions. In cases of allergic eczema, water has direct anti-inflammatory effect. Sea water baths, face washings with sea water and aerosol therapy are recommended for allergic conjunctivitis.


Chronic Rhinitis – take seawater in your fist and place it closer to one of your nostrils (the other being obstructed with your finger) and inhale it several times, until a satisfactory drainage and cleaning are produced. Repeat the procedure with the other nostril. A treatment lasts a minimum of 12 days.

Superficial wounds – a simple dip in the sea can reduce the healing time by 2-3 times, will prevent any infection and the unsightly scarring.

Gingivitis, stomatitis – rinse your mouth with sea water 2-3 hours a day, then spit it out (don’t swallow it). It has powerful anti-infective effect and helps restore damaged epithelia, being among the few remedies that have this regenerative action.